Making time for Spring…..

Today is the first day of the year that I have been free to just sit and enjoy my spring garden.  Off work, time to think, time to reflect and time to soak up the healing rays of  sunshine.  Having time is such a precious thing.

There is lots more going on than I thought: blue tits nesting above my garage door, sparrows bringing nesting material to and from the sparrow houses near my eaves, long tailed tits on the bird feeders, a male wren displaying for its mate (by now he would have built two nests somewhere from which she will choose the best one), a male blackcap skulking around the shrubs, three house martins overhead (two more than yesterday), a sparrow hawk gliding high above the rooftop, green finches, gold finches and chaffinches on the feeders, a buzzard over the field, two robins (I think they are a pair), and a lone song thrush looking for snails.

The gossamer threads of spider’s webs reflect random sunbeams, and brimstones, a small tortoiseshell and a very tatty peacock bring skittish life to the garden

In today’s wired and constant workplace, it is really difficult to stop and ‘just be’.  Today has reminded me of all there is to miss if we are not more mindful of the way we spend our time; all these wonderful things just pass us by.